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Fitted Cap News: Sunday, July 22, 2018
Fitted Cap News:
Sunday, July 22, 2018



Editorial: Wearing A Cap Of A Team You Don't Root For



We all know people who do it.  I'm not talking about someone who doesn't really watch sports and wears all different caps.  I'm not even talking about the bandwagons fans who wears the cap of whatever team they're feeling for that year.  I'm talking about the person you know, who is a true fan of a specific team, but continues to wear caps of other teams, including a big rival. What's the deal?  "You say you're a fan of [Insert Team Name], but you rocking a [Insert a different Team Name], why?"  It's perplexing to some, but to the person who does it, it means nothing to them.  There are many reasons that a person would choose to wear a cap of a team they don't root for; previous loyalty, likes the logo or color, or maybe they're a collector and chose to wear part of their collection.  Let's take a deeper look at these reasons and people who have committed some terrible cap crossover mistakes.


Before the fitted cap boom of the late 90's -early 2000's, people didn't really venture into the world "fashionably wearing a cap".  If you wore a fitted baseball cap it was of the team you rooted for, nothing else.  When caps became a popular accessory, thanks to hip-hop, the choices of caps was becoming infinite.  There were an array of styles, colors, logos, and fits.  People had some real choices now and we still do now, more than ever.  So for the people who wear a cap because it matches something really don't have excuses anymore.  You can get any team, in any color, in any style you want.  Yankee hat in Mets' colors? No Problem.  Need a Red Sox hat in Kansas City Royals colors?  Here you go.  Even if you can't find a particular hat in a color you could always just create it with the NEW ERA BY YOU program.  There really isn't an excuse to rock another teams hat if you claim to be a fan of a certain team.  It just doesn't work.  If you happen to catch one of your friends who claims to be a die hard wearing a different teams cap, show them this picture below.  The leader of the free world, Barack Obama, who is a die hard Chicago White Sox fan, throwing out the first pitch at a Washington Nationals game.  Yes he is wearing a Nationals jacket (I'm sure he was forced to by someone on his staff) but on his head is a Chicago White Sox cap.  Throwing out the first pitch at a teams park and wearing your favorite teams cap, now THAT is loyalty, and gives other people no excuse.

(via suntimes.com)


Someone who needs to learn from our President, is a fast rising star of the NFL.  A couple weeks ago, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, was spotted and photographed wearing a Miami Dolphins cap.  Harmless for some but the problem is, Colin IS THE STARTING QUARTERBACK OF THE SAN FRANCISCO 49ers!  This isn't the same situation as if I were to throw on a Red Sox cap even though I'm a Yankee fan.  Imagine is Derek Jeter did that.  Driving around in his Ford Edge (yea right), rocking a navy and red Sox cap.  BLASPHEMY!  What bothers me the most is how Kaep answered his critics nonchalantly.  He brushed it off as if it is perfectly fine and the fans of the 49ers shouldn't even worry about it.  He even posted a picture on his Instagram with the cap and a smirk on his face.  Look, I get it, he's a young kid who is thrown into stardom, and he grew up in a generation where people wore caps based on how they looked and not necessarily what team and logo was on it.  That's fine, do you.  But as the starting quarterback of arguably the most storied franchise in the NFL (coming off a Superbowl year, even though they lost), you are now the center of attention, you are now the face of the franchise.  You cannot be seen wearing the cap of a different NFL team.  I guess it's not as bad that it was a Dolphins cap and not a division rival like the Seahawks, but it is still a no-no as a professional athlete.  In closing, there really is no excuse to wear the cap of a team you don't root for.  If the leader of the free world doesn't do it, then your excuse it moot.  This goes for you too Mr. Kaepernick.

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