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Fitted Cap News: Monday, June 25, 2018
Fitted Cap News:
Monday, June 25, 2018



Wolverine Classic Costume Armor 59Fifty Fitted Baseball Cap by MARVEL x NEW ERA



Marvel and X-Men fans should be able to recognize this 59Fifty Fitted right away as it takes a piece from history with Wolverine's iconic and classic Costume Armor donned throughout the signature silhouette. Done in full polyester this comes straight from the halls of the wicked Weapon X program which brought Wolverine to life. The crown is in the iconic Yellow colorway with Black trimmings which resembles the elements on Wolverine's costume; the X-Men logo is embroidered and raised in Red at the front panel while the New Era flag logo in Yellow at the side - the same X-Men logo is found at the back. The Yellow crown is matched with a Black Leather brim while the brim is lined in Silver to represent the Adamantium in the blodd streams of Wolverine. The cap is capped off with a berzerker rage print of Wolverine at the interior of the crown. This exclusive piece is available over here at www.superherostuff.com.

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