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Fitted Cap News: Sunday, June 24, 2018
Fitted Cap News:
Sunday, June 24, 2018



Blue Lantern Flash Symbol 59Fifty Fitted Baseball Cap by DC COMICS x NEW ERA



DC Comics features a unique The Flash character with this - while battling the Black Laterns on Earth, Barry Allen or better known as Flash activated the Saint Walker’s ring deputizing The Flash as the Blue Latern – this was done in order for the Flash to save Bart Allen from being a Black Latern. Comic fans should know better than me when it comes to these things, but what I’m sure of is this New Era 59Fifty featuring the Blue Latern Flash Symbol. DC Comics and New Era have both benefitted from one another and this Fitted will definitely be a sure hit to both collectors and fans. The cap is done in Light Blue throughout and holds up The Flash logo is embroidered and raised in Black, Light Blue and White at the front panel. Get this unique Fitted over here at www.superherostuff.com

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