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Fitted Cap News: Sunday, May 26, 2019
Fitted Cap News:
Sunday, May 26, 2019


NEGRO LEAGUE「Homestead Greys 1931 Season」 Fitted Baseball Cap

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The Homestead Grays are widely regarded by baseball historians as one of the greatest Black franchises of all time. Based out of Homestead, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, the Grays racked up three Negro League World Series titles and 10 Negro National League Championships. (Nine being consecutive). The 1931 season represented their finest hour, with a mega roster that included future Hall of Famers Oscar Charleston, Jud "Boojum" Wilson, Smokey Joe Williams, Willie Foster and Josh Gibson.

The team took on all comers, playing an schedule that included independent White, Black Semi-pro, semipro, coalminer, steelworker teams and other Negro League teams. Various sources listed the Gray's won/loss record at anywhere from 138-6 to 163-23.

Pictured here is a replica of the baseball cap that the team won during their most dominant season. This differs greatly in that the hat displays an applique H for Homestead rather than the G for Grays that is most commonly seen.

We suspect this piece is actually a dead stock item from the defunct Cooperstown Cap company, but without tags to tell the tale we can only speculate. This is available now as part of ARKNETS import collection for ¥9,240 in sizes of Medium and Large.

Source: MLB.com