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Fitted Cap News: Monday, May 27, 2019
Fitted Cap News:
Monday, May 27, 2019



Canadian apparel label Noble North has partnered with veteran hat manufacturer New Era for one of their latest pieces. Top your outfit with the North Star Black Pinstripe Grey 59Fifty Fitted Cap. The material used for the panels is in black with white pinstripe pattern. To represent the Polaris, the front embroidery features a stylized letter "N" in white along ...


Hailing from Toronto, Milk is one of Canada's leading retail stores for streetwear and sneakers. To uplift and represent their own, they push their own in-house brand and come up will well-thought pieces. Know for yourself with the Home of Equality 5950 Fitted Cap. Milk tapped New Era to produce this headwear piece. The dome and upper bill are in ...


Noble North is a lifestyle label holding it down for Canada. Their apparel pieces are inspired by their motherland, with its majestic sceneries and beautiful wildlife. This time, they come through with a clean and stylish hat to top your outfit. Here is the North Star Navy 59Fifty Fitted Cap. Noble North partnered with headwear veteran New Era to produce ...

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